There is a valley in Austria, which is popular for her beautiful and strong horses. They are simply called Abtenauer horses due to the place of origin. However, there are only approximately 100 purebred Abtenauers horses of this breed, which is not a good number. The Abtenauer is a draft horse breed with well-shaped head and short, but strong legs.

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The average size of these horses is between 4.3 – 15 hands. Although the Abtenauers are quite small in size, they are very strong and durable. Despite the small size and the calm temperament the Abtenauer is most commonly used for hard work in the mountains. Black Abtenauer horses are the most common, but blue roan and chestnut can also be seen.

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Do you know the basic facts about the My Little Pony. There certainly is an in depth look into the origins of the My Little Pony friends guys. Here you can see how we established when it was created and who it was intended for. The beginnings were in 1981, but the actual animations started in 1984. The first appearance was known as Rescue in Midnight Castle. The answer of the second question is clear – the series were intended for the little girls… Well, at least for the following 20 years. However, in 2010 things were about to change. The fourth generation of the animated series was created by creators who had a goal to make a show that any person of any age could enjoy.

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So now, instead of pumping out a generic cartoon with the previous main goal of selling MLP toys, the new cartoon caught the attention of another group of fans – bronies. A brony is an older male fan of My Little Pony Friendship is magic. So the question pops up: Why are these boys and men watching and like a cartoon about colorful ponies who drink tea and watch fashion shows, a show which is widely known to be for young females? The answer of the this question lays in Lauren Faust and her team. They accomplished their goal and created something that was acceptable and enjoyable for all.

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When the brony fandom first emerged, it came as a shock for many who thought that the fans are freak of nature and extremely strange. The responses ranged from positive to negative. At the end of the day it is all about collaboration in the brony community, which is impressive. The true value goes even beyond the show. Being a brony is not just about saying that you are enjoying My Little Pony, but it is expanding so much more.


Almost Extinct Horse Breed

As the name itself tells us the Abaco Barb is extremely durable animal. It is one of the purest breeds in the world. This strong horse is lot alike the Barbarian people. This is an ancient horse that has an strong impact on many breeds worldwide. Their origin is not completely clear, but there are certainly several theories about it. Some people think that the origin of the Abaco Barb horse is North Africa, while others think that they are originating from Middle Asia. It is mostly believed that their country of origin is Spain and that they were bred during the time of Christopher Columbus. 


Abaco Barbs can be found in all colors. The most common are: gray, bay, chestnutblack, brown, dun or palomino. The height of the members of the Abaco Barb breed can vary from 55 to 57 inches i.e. 140 cm or simply around 14 hands high measured at the withers. The Abaco Barb can gallop quite fast due to their small and round hooves.  

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The Abaco barb is considered to be a desert horse. They have high withers, short back and they carry their tail low. They are no ordinary horses. With only few alive worldwide, the Abaco Barb is one horse breed that is on the edge of the extinction.  Although they are exceptionally strong, their existence is in danger. A small herd with only eight horses now lives on the Bahaman Island.

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Steeplechase Horses

In the middle of the 18th century a race between Mr. O’Callaghan and Mr. Blake began. The starting and finishing points were the steeples, beginning from the church at Buttevant to the church of Doneraile. They raced, jumping walls and fences, across farms and fields, thus the first steeplechase was officially recorded. Today some of the most popular steeplechases take places at the Galway Races. Hundreds and hundreds of fans gather every day to bet on their favorite horses. This event is held each year at the same period and it lasts a week.

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The Irish National Stud was established to promote the Irish thoroughbred industry by providing breeders with good stallions at reasonable price. According to the first English Stud Book the thoroughbred breeding dates from 1793 when three Arabian stallions were crossbred with royal mares. All Thoroughbred on Earth are descending from them. The sires are selected by the breeders on the basis of bloodlines, the confirmation and appearance, as well as the number of races they have won. Ireland is well known for the climate and the soil for breeding horses, thanks to the tremendous closeness and understanding of the horses.


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Determining when the mares are ready for covering is one of the main farm duties, which also includes carefully monitoring every step of the procedure. The breeding process of these delicate animals is of immense value. Around 18 days after the covering a veterinarian visits the mare and makes a sonogram, which can tell if there is a live fetus. And then after 11 months a beautiful little foal will be born.



Tacking a Horse

If your dream is to have horse, but it feels like it is impossible, just keep on dreaming and wish hard for your dream to come true. Who knows maybe one day your wish will come true. Working with horses can make you happy, so let’s read how tack up one.

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In order to tack up a horse you will need a bridal, a saddle, girth and a saddle pad. First you must brush the horse off to clean off the dirt. Next you need to get out the tack, so you know what you are going to use and be organized. The saddle pad is cushions the saddle against the horse so the horse will not rub or hurt with the saddle.


The bridal goes on the horses face and in the mouth with a metal piece called horse bit. It can help control the horse a little easier. Once you have brushed off the horse you can begin tacking up the horse.

First get the saddle pad and place it on the horses back. Make sure that the front part of the saddle pad is touching the back of the withers. Then you can take up the saddle and place it on its back. This can be a real challenge, because the saddle is little heavy. Then pick up the girth and if you lift open the flap of the saddle you will see the leather strips with holes inside them. There are buckles on the girth that you going to have to slip on and fasten onto to strips.

Now that you have one side secure you have one other to the other side so take the girth from under the horses stomach and fasten it to the other side. Make sure it is good and tight so the saddle would not slip while you ride.


Begin with the bridal. Take the halter off. Fasten the reins over the head of the horse so he cannot walk away. Stick the bit in his mouth and get the bridal on. Put the finger in his mouth just to make him open it. Push the bit in and slide the top part of his ears. Then tie the nose band which goes on his nose and fasten the buckle on the bottom. The throat latch goes around the neck.

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And there you go! You are now ready to ride, but don’t forget to wear your helmet and the chaps. We hope these tips have helped you to tack up a horse. Remember horseback riding is fun but it can be tricky too.

Dora and Unicornio

Whenever you see Dora she will say hello to you. And not only in English, but in Spanish too. So, Hello, Ola friends! Let’s go, Vamonos! In the following text we will tell you some interesting fun facts about your favorite cartoon fiction character that you may already known or may not know about. Her full name is actually Dora Marquez.


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Dora is adorable little Latino girl that teaches Americans Spanish and Latino people English. She is so young and heroic, traveling with her friend Boots in every episode, exploring and discovering new things every time. That is exactly why everyone calls her Dora the Explorer. Dora loves helping others and often she requires help from the young audience, which makes the series quite interesting and interactive. Young viewers participate in the show and give her answers, standing in front the TV. This makes them feel important in bringing decisions and teaches them valuable lessons, which is priceless.

dora_and_unicornio_1Beside her best friend Boots, a monkey with big Boots, Dora has many other friends. One of her friends is King Unicornio, the king of the Enchanted Forest. He is a unicorn with white coat color and light blue mane and tail. When Unicornio becomes a king he wears a gold crown and at the end of the episode he wears a red mantle.

dora_and_unicornioDora has been voiced by three actresses. Kathleen Herles was the first voice actress from the 1st season to the 4th when she was replaced by Caitlin Sanchez, voicing Dora through season 5 and 6, while for the 7 and 8 Caitlin was replaced with Fatima Ptacek. However, we always enjoy watching Dora the Explorer and playing her games free online.



Close to Wild Horses

At times the Pryor Mountains seem heaven on Earth for horses. Even though much of the terrain is arid and there are harsh winters, pastures in summer are glorious. Horses enjoy the summer, but they have few predators to be afraid of. Most of them were eliminated by ranching and land development. With high fertility rates, the number of the horses can increase by 10-20 percent a year. That in fact means trouble in paradise.

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In the last three decades the Bureau of Land Management has removed over 100,000 wild horses from the range. The round ups are intended to protect the public lands from overgrazing and ensure the health of the herds. Excess were placed in adoption programs, but supply exceeds public demands.

Horses considered unadoptable will live their days in holding pens. Even now the destiny of the wild horses in America remains an open-ended question.


Not even 4,000 years of domestication have helped to take away the wild instincts of the wild horses. Their natural impulse is to run away from humans. There are people that are not trying to break, but to start a wild or a green horse. It is a whole process in which the trainer is taking step by step, first to get close to the horse and touches him to the final step when he rides the wild horse. Meanwhile he tests the saddle and he will give the young stallion the well-earned rest.

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Being a prey animal is not easy at all. The predators have a huge advantage if he can get above the prey animal and stay with him. Then the predator can have himself a meal. There is a new way to work with a horse, which in fact has been around as long as there have been horses and men interacting with one another. Pretty special animal – the horse!

Horses – You Must Love Them

The horse will give you his all. Speed, endurance power… yet his wild spirit burns bright. A horse is a sparkle of ancient myth, it is a pride of king and conqueror. The horse was the spine the civilizations and even now he lays claim to the heart with all the bold beauty. The summer sets off fireworks in the mountains of southern Montana. Driven be the hunger and the heat, wild horses join the cool green heights and flashes begin to fly.

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Stallions begin their fight and thus they court young mares in a drama that is old as the hills themselves. Some say that the Mustangs have become a symbol of the Wild West. However, by others these beautiful creatures are newcomers to these parts, even a trespasser. In fact, the truth is twisted in the long and winding history. It all began around 60 million years ago in the forests of North America when a creature, a size of a fox, walked on padded toes. In time the forest gave way to the grassy plains. The legs grew long and the toes became nimble hooves. The body was simply built for speed.


About million years ago the first true horses spread across land bridges to Asia and Europe. Their number increased, but as the time passes this number has slowly declined, probably due to the climate changes or the impact of the two legged predators. By 8000 years ago horses were instinct in the Americas. Then 4000 later, somewhere in the steppes of Eurasia, someone was inspired by the horses and saw them more than just a meal.

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The horses changed our senses of distance and speed. They carried us forward in space and time, making our worlds smaller than we were used to live in. Even though today a lot has been changed, on the steppes of Mongolia just a little has changed since the time when horses became a way of life. Nomads still measure their wealth in livestock. Small but hardy, Mongolian horses endure a harsh climate and grow a thick winter coat. When pasture is insufficient they still can survive on very little. Beside horses, Mongolian people also hold sheep, cows and goats, but the horses are definitely their pride.

Arabian Horse – the Myth Horse

If you like horses then you must love the Arabian. There are so many horse breeds out there and each one of them is beautiful in its own way. However, we have all heard about the Arabian horse, which are known for their exceptional beauty and as one of the most popular horses in the world. People from the Middle East domesticated these horses by 1500 B.C. Today you can find the Arabian horses all around the world. What make this breed so special are their speed, endurance, strong bone and refinement. This is also exactly why the Arabian horse has been crossed with so many other horse breeds.

The Arabian horses can be easily recognized due to their physical characteristics. The head is refined distinctive with a broad forehead, small muzzle and large nostrils and eyes. The neck is well-set, the level croup is long and they carry their tale high. The bones of the Arabian horses are solid strong and dense, their body is compact with a short back, well-angled and they have a well-back shoulder. Some Arabian horses have more powerful hindquarters, while others a longer and leaner muscling. The first ones are great in intense bursts of activities, while the others are good for endurance riding and racing.

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The height of the Arabian horses can vary from 14.1 to 15.1 hands and they weigh around 800 to 1000 pounds. This makes them relatively small horse. The coat color of the Arabian horses can come in gray, chestnut, roan, brown, bay and black. Appaloosa spotting and pinto coloring are not accepted in the breed, while sabino is a pure Arabian horse that has only one spotting pattern. Despite the coat color, the skin color is always black, which protects them from the hot weather in the deserts.

The majority of the Arabian horses are used in equestrian distance competitions, as well for hunting, dressage, horse jumping and as work animals. Many Arabian horses are used in therapeutic riding and many others are famous mascots in soccer teams. The Arabian horses have been developed a good natural temperament, they are willing to please and quick learners. Although know as hot-blooded, the Arabian horses are good around children and in all show rings. On the other hand, they can easily learn a bad habit, especially if they are trained with abuse training practice, which will show no results at all. Only individuals that are treated with respect and love are passionate horses.

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You must love these intelligent, sensitive and romantic horses. The Arabian horse is a true bless for everyone who owns at least one of these beauties.

How to Draw a Horse

Do you think that drawing a horse is too hard? Well, you are probably right (of course except if you are a professional artist, an expert or if you have at least basic knowledge about artwork). However, you really do not need to be all that if you want to draw a cute simple horse. We can all be artistic, only if we have a little bit imagination.

Lets bring out your artistic side and see what happens. All that you will need is paper, pencil and remember to bring up your good mood. Through this short tutorial we will explain you the easiest way to draw a horse, no matter if you’re a grownup- beginner or a kid that loves to learn out how to draw this magnificent animal.  You can play fun pony games and see their artwork. Although we know that more details mean better explanation, we will however try to keep it short and simple. Find out how to draw a horse through these easy steps:


Step 1: Did you ever imagine that two circle shapes will be the beginning of a beautiful artwork? Now, draw 2 circles next to each other with a little bit space between them.Make a light square around them, which will give you the size and the length of the legs.


Step 2: draw a triangle that will be connected to the first circle on the left. This triangle will later present you the neck of the horse. Meanwhile, if you need a break you can play pony online games and then back to work!



Step 3: Put a block at the end of the triangle and another one, a bit smaller, next to the first block. The horse does not stand on his front legs vertically, so take a line slightly leaning back where you will draw a small triangle shape on the bottom. Draw a circle round about a half away down for the joint of the leg. The same applies at the back, so draw a line from the second circle which will come down at an angle and also comes to the bottom creating a small triangle as well.


Step 4: This is the basic shape for your horse, so now it is time to develop and work over it, and thus curve the lines. Start with the head drawing two ears. Then curve the lines of the blocks very slightly. Curve down the neck (the triangle) from both sides to the circle and bring that curve down across the shoulders, round the back and round again to the legs.



Step 5: The top of the legs are powerful for the horse, so bring a curve from around the middle of the circle and bring it down slightly to the curve where the joint will be (the small circle) and round the back of the hoof (small triangle). Do the same for the front part of the leg. That will be the basic leg for the horse. Do the same thing for the back leg. Depending of the breed of the horse, the curve that you will make for the stomach can curve in different ways.


Step 6: To draw the other two legs all you have to do is to imagine the top part of the basic legs as arc that swing through. Spin them round from the point of the joints and draw circles for the other two legs. You must also draw lightly a triangle at the bottom. Bring the front leg forward and finish them little bit shorter than the legs that you draw first.


Final step: Be creative and draw few lines for the tail. Draw a mane , nose and an eye. Outline the horse, but be careful to follow the guide that you already drew, not drawing the outline far away from the shapes. Rub out all shapes that you draw in the inside and erase the guidelines that you made. Shades will give your horse a whole new look, make it more realistic and it will change the meaning of your artwork.

Now that you are all done with the hard work you can treat yourself with cool pony games for kids and enjoy your job well done.