Arabian Horse – the Myth Horse

If you like horses then you must love the Arabian. There are so many horse breeds out there and each one of them is beautiful in its own way. However, we have all heard about the Arabian horse, which are known for their exceptional beauty and as one of the most popular horses in the world. People from the Middle East domesticated these horses by 1500 B.C. Today you can find the Arabian horses all around the world. What make this breed so special are their speed, endurance, strong bone and refinement. This is also exactly why the Arabian horse has been crossed with so many other horse breeds.

The Arabian horses can be easily recognized due to their physical characteristics. The head is refined distinctive with a broad forehead, small muzzle and large nostrils and eyes. The neck is well-set, the level croup is long and they carry their tale high. The bones of the Arabian horses are solid strong and dense, their body is compact with a short back, well-angled and they have a well-back shoulder. Some Arabian horses have more powerful hindquarters, while others a longer and leaner muscling. The first ones are great in intense bursts of activities, while the others are good for endurance riding and racing.

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The height of the Arabian horses can vary from 14.1 to 15.1 hands and they weigh around 800 to 1000 pounds. This makes them relatively small horse. The coat color of the Arabian horses can come in gray, chestnut, roan, brown, bay and black. Appaloosa spotting and pinto coloring are not accepted in the breed, while sabino is a pure Arabian horse that has only one spotting pattern. Despite the coat color, the skin color is always black, which protects them from the hot weather in the deserts.

The majority of the Arabian horses are used in equestrian distance competitions, as well for hunting, dressage, horse jumping and as work animals. Many Arabian horses are used in therapeutic riding and many others are famous mascots in soccer teams. The Arabian horses have been developed a good natural temperament, they are willing to please and quick learners. Although know as hot-blooded, the Arabian horses are good around children and in all show rings. On the other hand, they can easily learn a bad habit, especially if they are trained with abuse training practice, which will show no results at all. Only individuals that are treated with respect and love are passionate horses.

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You must love these intelligent, sensitive and romantic horses. The Arabian horse is a true bless for everyone who owns at least one of these beauties.