King Alfred’s Bo


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Prince Alfred sat on one corner of the paradise like garden and watched the children play. He was no longer a little boy – he was now an adolescent and very soon his father, King Edward, was to pass on the empire to him. He was both happy and nervous.

“Soon my days of youth will pass into days of maturity, and responsibilities will increase three folds!”, he thought to himself. As he remembered his days in the forest, when he went riding on the back of his favorite horse, Bo – Alfred’s eyes filled with tears. He closed his eyes for a moment and relived those moments when Bo, the chestnut stallion would leap over yards of flowing golden grass, over lakes and sheds and how Alfred would hold on to the leather strap – a proud rider of the stallion. Those days when Bo would violently rush from the forests to the backyard of the palace only to le Alfred know that it was daybreak and hence the best time to ride up to the hills to catch a glimpse of the rising sun – how Alfred would leap out of his bed – and how the fresh morning zephyr laden with the smell of grapes and flowers would greet him – the fabulous days with Bo were no longer there.

Weeks ago, it was announced in the village that Alfred was soon to be crowned the king and the new King would have his own horse to ride – his special pet. Ever since, the many stable owners had begun preparing their highbred horses to fit the King’s desire and be the chosen one. Among this entire jiffy, one forest chestnut stallion, Bo was lost. He ventured deep into the forest never to return. This caused Alfred immense pain. The sudden separation from a friend, a companion, a faithful one! Alfred’s life was about to change – on one hand was the happiness of being able to serve his country men, and on the other hand was the sudden detachment from his life at the forest.

For one last time, Alfred thought he would try to find out where Bo was – he wanted to see his dear stallion once before everything changed. The soldiers were sent out, but they came back with no answers.

“Oh Bo! Where are you? I so long to see you my friend!”, Alfred sighed.
Just then, Alfred heard a loud neigh outside the window of his huge room. He leaned outside, but could see nothing. Saddened, Alfred decided to go off to sleep and dream of his days with the magnanimous beast one last time. The very next morning was Alfred’s coronation – and he had heard murmurs around the village that the selection for the new King’s horse had been made already. Alfred’s eyes filled with tears, as he remembered his days, when he had wanted Bo to be the special pet.

Alfred was dressed in velvety gowns and there on his head, stood firm – the crown. Now he was King Alfred. The moment arrived when the King was summoned to the stables to ride his horse for the very first time. From a distance, Alfred could see a horse covered in all jewels and the best leather saddle ever. Then when he moved his eyes around it, Alfred noticed that this was a chestnut horse. His heart felt a sudden pang. As he moved closer, Alfred could hear heart beats that he was very familiar with. Suddenly the horse raised its face and when it saw Alfred, it stood on it hind hooves and neighed joyously.

Alfred couldn’t hold himself back and immediately hugged Bo. “Oh Bo ! Where were you! Where were you!”

He climbed up the saddle and pulled Bo’s strap, indicating him to once again take Alfred among the valleys, the lakes and leap over the fences like they always had.

“King Alfred! King Alfred..!”, the minister tried to call.

“Stop me not sir! The King is off take a ride of the world!”, Alfred said laughing out with joy, as he rode away into the forests.

Wilma’s Birthday Unicorn


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Wilma was busy scampering around her room as she nudged herself trying to wonder as to what will be the presents that she would be receiving the next day. She just could not sleep because her birthday was sonly a few hours away and she was whole heartedly expecting gifts to flow in from mid night itself. Children have strange desires and very innocent ones too. She waited for too long, but just before it was twelve, she dozed off merrily on her soft cushion bed. Her brother, Eric slowly crept into the room, placed a box beside her bed and stepped out of the room stealthily.

One would think that Wilma was asleep but in reality, she had just begun her journey to a different world.

Wilma stepped out of her golden boat, floating on the shimmering water – and in front of her she could see the gleaming sun. However, this sun was not burning – it gleamed, but with a certain heavenliness about it. Pale yellow – almost fading away – that soothed the eyes, welcomed Wilma. As her feet touched the water, sparkling little fairies covered her face and ushered her into a beautiful little water palace. A little fairy dressed in pink, held Wilma’s hand ad led her to a special chamber – where Wilma could see a beautiful creature playing around in the water. Its pale golden, copper like fur glittered in the dancing waters – its huge wings in pure golden fluttered happily – and its tail that flowed into a million threads of gold – danced in rhythm too. The single horn on the creature’s head shone as if it were a piece of the sun itself! Wilma was stunned to see such stupendous beauty in front of her eyes. She softly whispered of herself, “I can’t believe this – this is a unicorn!”

The creature turned towards Wilma, took a gentle stride and bent down ear her feet. The unicorn squashed its face into the water and sat still. Wilma sat on her knees, into the water – and touched the unicorn’s face, its mane and said – “Good Lord, you are gorgeous!”

“I know. Thank you. The word is handsome, by the way.”

Wilma was out of her wits! She could not believe what she heard. She nodded her head violently, trying to convince herself, that it was only a figment of her imagination.

“Hey stop doing that! Your hair is way too fluffy and it itches my face!”, complained the unicorn, as it stood up.

“What…What..”, Wilma was trying to figure out what to say.

“You don’t like English? Alright, maybe I should try some French? Spanish? No? Okay!”, and the unicorn unfolded its wings and flew across the palatial room.

“Hey hey wait! Are you not a unicorn?”, Wilma asked.

“Of course I am! Can’t you see, silly little girl!”, it said as it flew more.

“Then how do you talk!”

The unicorn dropped near her again and jabbering his jaws, he said, “See, like this.”

The little fairies began to laugh. Wilma was so confused and sad that he thumped her feet and sat down to cry.

“Okay little girl! Now don’t cry! It’s your birthday, don’t you see?  Alright, so should you like a tour of Fairyland enough o stop you from crying again? Or should I just go..”

“No wait. I would like it.”, Wilma said, rubbing her tears away.

The unicorn and the fairies with lightening speed carried Wilma across the berry fields, where the berries were made of gems – the many other fantasies that Wilma would never forget. Soon it was time to be back, the fairies told her.

“No..I don’t wish to!”, she said.

“Little girl, you can not sleep forever, can you?”, Said the Unicorn smiling.

And before she knew, Wilma found herself sitting straight on her bed.

She wondered if she just had the best birthday dream one could see and smiled to herself. She looked around for gifts and lo! There was a huge blue box with a birthday card on it. She read the card and then quickly undid the wrapping to discover her gift. It was a huge glass ball with water filled within it – and it had a palace, fairies floating within it – and at the bottom, sitting comfortably, was a Unicorn. Suddenly Wilma noticed the tail flutter and glimmer and she screamed “Mom!”. But when her mother arrived, the fluttering was gone.

Soon after her mom left, Wilma was looking at the glass ball carefully and wondered if porcelain ad life in it. Then suddenly the unicorn winked at her – and she knew, indeed her dream was more than just a dream.