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Close to Wild Horses

At times the Pryor Mountains seem heaven on Earth for horses. Even though much of the terrain is arid and there are harsh winters, pastures in summer are glorious. Horses enjoy the summer, but they have few predators to be afraid of. Most of them were eliminated by ranching and land development. With high fertility rates, the number of the horses can increase by 10-20 percent a year. That in fact means trouble in paradise.

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In the last three decades the Bureau of Land Management has removed over 100,000 wild horses from the range. The round ups are intended to protect the public lands from overgrazing and ensure the health of the herds. Excess were placed in adoption programs, but supply exceeds public demands.

Horses considered unadoptable will live their days in holding pens. Even now the destiny of the wild horses in America remains an open-ended question.


Not even 4,000 years of domestication have helped to take away the wild instincts of the wild horses. Their natural impulse is to run away from humans. There are people that are not trying to break, but to start a wild or a green horse. It is a whole process in which the trainer is taking step by step, first to get close to the horse and touches him to the final step when he rides the wild horse. Meanwhile he tests the saddle and he will give the young stallion the well-earned rest.

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Being a prey animal is not easy at all. The predators have a huge advantage if he can get above the prey animal and stay with him. Then the predator can have himself a meal. There is a new way to work with a horse, which in fact has been around as long as there have been horses and men interacting with one another. Pretty special animal – the horse!

Arabian Horse – the Myth Horse

If you like horses then you must love the Arabian. There are so many horse breeds out there and each one of them is beautiful in its own way. However, we have all heard about the Arabian horse, which are known for their exceptional beauty and as one of the most popular horses in the world. People from the Middle East domesticated these horses by 1500 B.C. Today you can find the Arabian horses all around the world. What make this breed so special are their speed, endurance, strong bone and refinement. This is also exactly why the Arabian horse has been crossed with so many other horse breeds.

The Arabian horses can be easily recognized due to their physical characteristics. The head is refined distinctive with a broad forehead, small muzzle and large nostrils and eyes. The neck is well-set, the level croup is long and they carry their tale high. The bones of the Arabian horses are solid strong and dense, their body is compact with a short back, well-angled and they have a well-back shoulder. Some Arabian horses have more powerful hindquarters, while others a longer and leaner muscling. The first ones are great in intense bursts of activities, while the others are good for endurance riding and racing.

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The height of the Arabian horses can vary from 14.1 to 15.1 hands and they weigh around 800 to 1000 pounds. This makes them relatively small horse. The coat color of the Arabian horses can come in gray, chestnut, roan, brown, bay and black. Appaloosa spotting and pinto coloring are not accepted in the breed, while sabino is a pure Arabian horse that has only one spotting pattern. Despite the coat color, the skin color is always black, which protects them from the hot weather in the deserts.

The majority of the Arabian horses are used in equestrian distance competitions, as well for hunting, dressage, horse jumping and as work animals. Many Arabian horses are used in therapeutic riding and many others are famous mascots in soccer teams. The Arabian horses have been developed a good natural temperament, they are willing to please and quick learners. Although know as hot-blooded, the Arabian horses are good around children and in all show rings. On the other hand, they can easily learn a bad habit, especially if they are trained with abuse training practice, which will show no results at all. Only individuals that are treated with respect and love are passionate horses.

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You must love these intelligent, sensitive and romantic horses. The Arabian horse is a true bless for everyone who owns at least one of these beauties.

How To Be A Good Horse Trainer

The main goal of this article is to teach and contribute:

  • Better understanding between man and horse
  • Better training for horses and riders
  • Proper treatment to horses
  • A higher knowledge level of managers and horse trainers
  • A higher level of safety in trainingTrainer

This is not just theoretical material for educating managers and trainers, but also as additional help and support for trainers that work with beginners in riding schools, as well as current and future competitors.

The Goal:

The goal of this education is theoretical and practical knowledge and straightening the teaching abilities of the horse riding trainers. After the successfully passed theoretical and practical exam, the participants receive a certificate of the level they have achieved, manager or horse trainer. Then when these complete the whole course, they will be qualified to lead the training of new beginners in the riding school and prepare other students for the exams that follow for competitive licensing (license) for horse jumping and endurance riding. After completing the course trainers of various disciplines are qualified to train riders of all ages, up to the highest category of the competition.


The welfare of the horse comes first in all disciplines of equestrian sports no matter what.

The welfare of the horse must be above all other requests of all interested parties and commercial interests.

Every activity and veterinary care must provide health and welfare of the horse.

The highest standards of nutrition, health care, treatment and safety of the horse should be encouraged during all the equestrian sports.

During transportation it should provide appropriate ventilation trailers, feeding and watering horses and maintaining healthy environment.

Good preparation and riding skills are essential for the welfare of the horse.

The horse is a living being and all techniques that are considered to be violent should not be used during the training methods and the riding techniques.

National associations must organize controls in order to verify the compliance of all persons under their jurisdiction.

National and international rules and regulations in equestrian sports, which are about the health and welfare of the horse, must be explicitly appreciated, not only during national and international tournaments, but also during training.



It is very important to know the following facts in order to keep the risk of this sport to the minimum:

  1. Training riders and horses consistently.
  2. Stretching (exercises to relax the muscles).
  3. Avoiding substances that can reduce the reaction skills (alcohol, slipping pills, tranquilizers).
  4. Prevention (tetanus vaccination).
  5. Caution and reasonable behavior.