Close to Wild Horses

At times the Pryor Mountains seem heaven on Earth for horses. Even though much of the terrain is arid and there are harsh winters, pastures in summer are glorious. Horses enjoy the summer, but they have few predators to be afraid of. Most of them were eliminated by ranching and land development. With high fertility rates, the number of the horses can increase by 10-20 percent a year. That in fact means trouble in paradise.

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In the last three decades the Bureau of Land Management has removed over 100,000 wild horses from the range. The round ups are intended to protect the public lands from overgrazing and ensure the health of the herds. Excess were placed in adoption programs, but supply exceeds public demands.

Horses considered unadoptable will live their days in holding pens. Even now the destiny of the wild horses in America remains an open-ended question.


Not even 4,000 years of domestication have helped to take away the wild instincts of the wild horses. Their natural impulse is to run away from humans. There are people that are not trying to break, but to start a wild or a green horse. It is a whole process in which the trainer is taking step by step, first to get close to the horse and touches him to the final step when he rides the wild horse. Meanwhile he tests the saddle and he will give the young stallion the well-earned rest.

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Being a prey animal is not easy at all. The predators have a huge advantage if he can get above the prey animal and stay with him. Then the predator can have himself a meal. There is a new way to work with a horse, which in fact has been around as long as there have been horses and men interacting with one another. Pretty special animal – the horse!