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Almost Extinct Horse Breed

As the name itself tells us the Abaco Barb is extremely durable animal. It is one of the purest breeds in the world. This strong horse is lot alike the Barbarian people. This is an ancient horse that has an strong impact on many breeds worldwide. Their origin is not completely clear, but there are certainly several theories about it. Some people think that the origin of the Abaco Barb horse is North Africa, while others think that they are originating from Middle Asia. It is mostly believed that their country of origin is Spain and that they were bred during the time of Christopher Columbus. 


Abaco Barbs can be found in all colors. The most common are: gray, bay, chestnutblack, brown, dun or palomino. The height of the members of the Abaco Barb breed can vary from 55 to 57 inches i.e. 140 cm or simply around 14 hands high measured at the withers. The Abaco Barb can gallop quite fast due to their small and round hooves.  

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The Abaco barb is considered to be a desert horse. They have high withers, short back and they carry their tail low. They are no ordinary horses. With only few alive worldwide, the Abaco Barb is one horse breed that is on the edge of the extinction.  Although they are exceptionally strong, their existence is in danger. A small herd with only eight horses now lives on the Bahaman Island.

Play horse games and have fun. Let’s make a wish! May these gorgeous horses survive these hard times and get many offspring for a happier world.