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Dora and Unicornio

Whenever you see Dora she will say hello to you. And not only in English, but in Spanish too. So, Hello, Ola friends! Let’s go, Vamonos! In the following text we will tell you some interesting fun facts about your favorite cartoon fiction character that you may already known or may not know about. Her full name is actually Dora Marquez.


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Dora is adorable little Latino girl that teaches Americans Spanish and Latino people English. She is so young and heroic, traveling with her friend Boots in every episode, exploring and discovering new things every time. That is exactly why everyone calls her Dora the Explorer. Dora loves helping others and often she requires help from the young audience, which makes the series quite interesting and interactive. Young viewers participate in the show and give her answers, standing in front the TV. This makes them feel important in bringing decisions and teaches them valuable lessons, which is priceless.

dora_and_unicornio_1Beside her best friend Boots, a monkey with big Boots, Dora has many other friends. One of her friends is King Unicornio, the king of the Enchanted Forest. He is a unicorn with white coat color and light blue mane and tail. When Unicornio becomes a king he wears a gold crown and at the end of the episode he wears a red mantle.

dora_and_unicornioDora has been voiced by three actresses. Kathleen Herles was the first voice actress from the 1st season to the 4th when she was replaced by Caitlin Sanchez, voicing Dora through season 5 and 6, while for the 7 and 8 Caitlin was replaced with Fatima Ptacek. However, we always enjoy watching Dora the Explorer and playing her games free online.