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There is a valley in Austria, which is popular for her beautiful and strong horses. They are simply called Abtenauer horses due to the place of origin. However, there are only approximately 100 purebred Abtenauers horses of this breed, which is not a good number. The Abtenauer is a draft horse breed with well-shaped head and short, but strong legs.

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The average size of these horses is between 4.3 – 15 hands. Although the Abtenauers are quite small in size, they are very strong and durable. Despite the small size and the calm temperament the Abtenauer is most commonly used for hard work in the mountains. Black Abtenauer horses are the most common, but blue roan and chestnut can also be seen.

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Five Best Horse Games

Just found this awesome website that offers you the best of the best free online games?! Yea! Congratulations for your huge achievement. Now, before you explore the whole new world of fun horse games, we recommend to try these five horse and pony games. The first game is one of our favorite.

pony-and-fruits2 copy

Pony and Fruits is a cool animal online hobby for kids as well as horse admirers. Yummy fruits can be found in several locations within the game, hence run and check each of them. However, you have to keep an eye out not to slip so you can stay away from the branches. Your ultimate goal is to get just as much as it’s possible to of any amazing fresh fruits. Genuinely you have to get up to it is pointed out in the bottom left part of your computer screen. Left and right arrow keys are to move to the left and right, whilst up arrow is always to hop. Press left arrow key to go to the left, right arrow to go on the right and up arrow key to     help you hop. It is not so easy to jump above the obstacles on the surface, however if you simply use up arrow key often, not just that you’ll get all over them, however, you can also easily grab those fruits. Keep an eye on the Health bar in the bottom of your computer screen, mainly because when you aren’t getting that fresh fruit your overall health will also decrease for a piece. Try to collect the Red Crosses dropping out of the air then fix the damage. Believe it and it can happen. There are even 9 incredible levels in this game, so do it now!

The second game is with our darling horse hero. Izzy Boxes differs from Pony and Fruits, not in the excitement, but in the slight relaxing course. Here you will also have to have certain skills, but more thinking is allowed.

Izzy-Boxes_1 copy

A great journey but you have to help horse Izzy achieve the actual task. Apples and also carrots usually are horse’s most popular food, so they could be to our very own Izzy as well. Use all of the apples and carrots and then make your horse satisfied. Look for all the apples, carrots together with the horseshoes to complete every stage hence open the following. A hammer can help you quite a lot in your journey, so you’re able to ruin all of the unexpected bricks. Think of which brick must you crack first, because you will finish up infamously. Use arrow keys to go on to your left, right, climb up and down on ladders. But unfortunately, you possibly can make troubles, just press R key or maybe simply click Retry. Izzy Boxes is a horse adventure that each of the girls and boys, big and small are trying to find, it means that you have to be among them. You will definitely stay alert playing the very best physic puzzle based online game, hence try not to lose your belief and finish the 29 stages.

Now it will be time for the biggest challenge of them all. Detective Horse is calling you resolve a huge problem in Horseland and bring back their peace. Staying at Horseland has been an incredible experience.

detective_horse._1jpg copy

Ever since the gold horseshoes faded things never remained the same. Virtually One hundred vanished and no one learned where could be. Can that be? Begin the contest to see yourself. Horse investigator Iggy would be the one who will find out. Because of this exploration he found the deserted factory. And there your horse located those wolves. Who precisely took those horseshoes? Have they get the thing that would mean a world to the Horseland’s villagers? This really is payback time and just private investigator Iggy can help them. Guide the horse finish all of the twelve levels at the facility and complete the task. Pick up the horseshoes and try to escape from the wolves. Seems easy to do, isn’t it? Then again let’s always be clear: Being an investigator is not easy at all! You cannot imagine what exactly is coming up, however, you can for sure believe it. Work with the right and left arrow keys to go to the left and right; up arrow key is to be able to climb up the steps; so down arrow key to climb downwards. Create the wood containers traps by using you tremendous gun. A key board key is in order to fire to the left and S key is to help shoot on the right. As a result your box of woods will become a new cage. Catch the wolf and try to get far away from him as soon as possible. And then the wolf can come outside once again, yet note that just one wolf will be trapped in a single crate at once. On the other hand, you’ve got to be smart because you can also get held in your very own trap. Therefore, in case you tumble in your trap you won’t get out of here. Once it shuts, you’re going to stay caught and the gaming is finished. Reach time additional bonuses on-time in order to freeze all of the wolves for around 10 secs and use the power to move by all of them without getting hurt. Get all of the 8 horseshoes in the level and so you can discover the way out, climbing up the gold stairs.

Detective Horse is a game for all kids, big and small. So is My Little Pony! Play all kinds of skilled games and enjoy equally in each one of them.

my-little-pony copy

My Little Pony, a great puzzle game on the market get ready to enjoy the game play along with easy online game controls as well as dazzling colors. My Little Pony is an outstanding game especially produced for virtually all little kids, boys and girls. There is no place like the magical place of My Little Pony buddies. There is no other feeling that friendship can give you. Play My Little Pony simply by while using mouse and displacing the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Click and hold a piece of the puzzle using your computer mouse button and then drag that piece right into a placement that you consider is proper. All pieces will ultimately assemble and with little efforts you will uncover the final image of the most adorable My Little Pony buddy. It may be a bit tough at the beginning, but as you play My Little Pony again and again, you’ll become a true professional. This is your chance to spend some fun time along with your best friend, think positively and have a blast.

And the final choice of our top five goes to Romantic Pursuit, a true love free online game story with a soft touch of energy.

romantic_pursuit copy

The greatest equine game on the internet is well-known as Romantic Pursuit. It is really a unique experience with the impressive horse. What a gorgeous, yet gloomy legend is the main character. He’s flying with the wings, seeking his own soul mate. He was deeply in love with a nice tiny princess, but she will never feel the same for him, as he is farmhand. He can die for her, yet she would not do the exact same. There is always one way to prove how much he likes the princess, therefore he began an adventure to find her. He is staying in a bizarre planet, therefore he must race above the hills, travel above openings and fight creepy creatures. There’s absolutely no going back, therefore you simply need to hit Z key, to be able to fly over the holes and keep on running, and also hit X key if you see the evil creature, to eliminate it.

Horse and Pony- Make a Small Family

Pony is not a smaller version of a horse. It has a typical conformation and temperament. There are various breeds of ponies. They have thicker mane and tails and an overall coat. Their legs are shorter proportionately, bones are heavier, wider barrels, heads are shorter and their necks are thicker as compared to horses. Sometimes people who are not very familiar with horses might think an adult pony to be a foal, which is a young horse that has not yet reached maturity.

Ponies are intelligent breeds. They are regarded as friendly creatures. At times though they can be stubborn and devious. The behavior of ponies depends on the quality of the training that they receive. If they are trained by experienced trainers then they usually do not have any bad habits. Well trained ponies can be excellent mounts for children learning to ride horses. The larger ponies can be ridden by the older lot as ponies are generally stronger than their size.
The wild horse prototype is the source from where the pony originated. These developed small stature owing to living on the margins of horse habitat which was livable. These smaller breeds were domesticated and used for various errands all over the Northern hemisphere. Ponies were used earlier for driving and freight transportation purposes.

Ponies are visible in several equestrian pursuits. Certain breeds like the Hackney pony is used for driving while breeds like Connemara ponies and Australian pony are used mainly for riding. Welsh ponies are used for riding as well as driving. Ponies can compete at events ranging from hunters English riding on the flat, western riding classes at the horse shows to various other competitive events like gymkhana and driving of a combined nature. They can also do trail riding. They can participate in international competition events like equitation, dressage. Sometimes top ponies can compete with full sized horses and win the show. There is no correlation between the horse’s size and its athletic ability.

Pony Clubs are for young people who are owners of ponies or horses. They are located all over the world to teach young people facts about horses and they also sponsor competitive events for smaller horses and the younger generation. In several parts of the world, the ponies are used as working animals- as pack animals and also for pulling vehicles drawn by horses. They are often seen at traveling carnivals or at the private parties hosted by the parents of small children. Small children love to take short rides on ponies which are saddled. Ponies are present in the children’s summer camps. Pony breeds are widespread all over the world especially in the cold and severe climatic conditions. Here sturdy working animals are a primary requisite. Ponies can sustain themselves on a diet lesser than horses of a regular size. Ponies can be placed in three groups – small, medium and large.


The smallest equines are referred to as miniature horses. These are tinier than small ponies. At times full sized horses are called ponies affectionately by their masters. The horses used in the game of polo are called “polo ponies”, though they are full sized horses.

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Understanding Horses – A Brief Overview

Right from the early ages when human kind was busy taking his tottering footsteps through the winding roads of evolution, horses were domesticated for various purposes like transportation and carrying goods. Nowadays with horse racing catching the fantasy of millions across the world they have become a useful resource of earning money as well. Status symbols for the rich and famous, horses are also used by the police and some sections of the army even today in many countries.

The horse (Equus caballus) is a hoofed mammal, belonging to the family Equidae. As per historical evidences the domestication of horses started way back during the 3000B.C. and has continued ever since. Back then horses were used in warfare and a wide variety of riding techniques were developed, using various styles of equipment and methods of control.
An extensive and specialized vocabulary is used to describe the horse related concepts, including everything from anatomy to size, color, markings, locomotion, behavior, breeds and life stages

Horses and their well-developed sense of balance coupled with a strong fight-or-flight instinct enables them to make use of a great speed to escape predators. It is also noteworthy that horses are capable of sleeping both when they are standing up or lying down. Female horses known as mares have a gestation period of approximately 11 months, and the new born young horse, called the foal, can stand and even run shortly following birth.

The training of a domesticated horse ideally should begin by the age of two to four under saddle or in harness because they usually reach the full adult development stage by age five. The average lifespan of a horse is approximately 25 and 30 years.

Horse breeds are loosely divided into three broad categories based on their general temperament.
• Spirited ‘hot bloods’ with high speed and endurance.
• ‘Cold bloods’ which are the draft horses and some ponies. They are mostly used for slow, heavy work
• ‘Warm bloods’ developed by genetic engineering between hot bloods and cold bloods. These breeds were developed with the main focus on specific riding purposes, particularly in Europe.
With the advent of science and genetic modifications there are over 300 different breeds of horses in the world today each with distinct characteristic features, developed for various different uses.

Horses and humans interact widely in a variety of sport competitions and non-competitive recreational pursuits. They have found their place and importance in various working activities such as police work, entertainment, agriculture and therapy.
Many products including meat, milk, hide, hair and bone are derived from horses.

Nowadays even pharmaceuticals are being extracted from the urine of pregnant mares. The human horse relation is very well developed with them providing the domesticated horses with food, water and shelter, as well as attention from specialists such as veterinarians.

Most of the horses today are domesticated but there are still the endangered populations of the Przewalski’s Horse which is correctly referred to as the only remaining true wild horse. There are other non domesticated horses as well. These include the common feral horses which live in the wild but are descended from domesticated ancestors.